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So…not like we NEED another project…but we recently found a great deal on a 1973 31 foot Airstream.  We have been talking for a while about getting an old Airstream and completely remodeling the entire thing!!  Kind of a slow project, work on it as we can…maybe take a year…something like that.  Well, we had talked about finding one this summer or fall so Ehren had started checking craigslist for prices, ideas of what that would get you, etc.  One day, an ad showed up for this baby and it was PRETTY CHEAP… way less than what we had planned to spend later in the year.  The guy was very responsive, sending photos, and the day before we left for Yosemite, we went up to Snohomish to check it out.  The guy had subsequently dropped the price $500 AND offered to deliver it to Maple Valley so that let us know she was at least {mostly} road worthy.  After checking it out, much debate, we decided to go for it!  He delivered it the weekend after we got back from CA.  We’ve been too busy to start on it, until this past weekend!  We started a complete demo of the inside.  I’ve taken a lot of interior pictures for our “Before” stage and we’ll document the remodel as we go!  We see this as a fun learning experience!  We may either sell it when it’s done, keep it as a mother in law, actually take it road tripping, or if we ever decide to buy land, live in it while we build a house then list it on Airbnb.  Who knows right now!

Got her tucked up nice and close to the house

Got her tucked up nice and close to the house



Oh yeah... she's PINK INSIDE!  OMG...

Oh yeah… she’s PINK INSIDE! OMG…

airstream_renovation1-5 airstream_renovation1-6

Facing the FRONT

Facing the FRONT

airstream_renovation1-8 airstream_renovation1-9

Super Retro 1970s Kitchen Faucet

Super Retro 1970s Kitchen Faucet

airstream_renovation1-11 airstream_renovation1-12

From the door, facing LEFT towards the BACK

From the door, facing LEFT towards the BACK

airstream_renovation1-14 airstream_renovation1-15

Tons of closets...

Tons of closets…


Why a full bathtub?  Really?

Why a full bathtub? Really?

airstream_renovation1-19 airstream_renovation1-20 airstream_renovation1-21 airstream_renovation1-22 airstream_renovation1-23

More Closets...

More Closets…

airstream_renovation1-25 airstream_renovation1-26 airstream_renovation1-27

So far we’ve removed the entire kitchen, the pull out full bed behind the kitchen and the overhead cabinets and closets opposite the bed.  There are two closets left in the back, and the bathroom.  It’s amazing how everything is riveted together.  Geeze.  We got to the point where we were ecstatic to see a phillips head screw just because it meant not having to drill out rivets!  And it’s only just begun!  The plan it to remove all the interior skins (pink) so we can check/replace the insulation and re-wire everything.  Then we’ll re-paint, clean, buffer those skins and put them back.  Some of the subfloor will also need replacing, we’re not sure how much yet.  Should be fun!!  

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3 Thoughts on “New Project | Airstream Renovation

  1. Erica on May 19, 2014 at 8:47 pm said:

    Wow! That’s awesome!!! We have been wanting a camper pretty bad that’s so neat. I’m excited to follow along as yall redo it.

  2. Megan, this is awesome. So much potential! My friends spent a year remodeling a muuuuch smaller trailer, so I know the results could be amazing. :)

    check out theirs:

    • Megan on May 29, 2014 at 9:13 pm said:

      Jenny, I love it!! Their trailer is so cute! It definitely has that tree house feel! Is it road-worthy?? We are excited to see what this turns out like!

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