Kona | Hip Dysplasia


Two weeks ago we took our youngest pup, Kona, to the vet for some x-rays.  She had been limping on and off for about a month without getting better and it seemed like her front right leg was bothering her.  They had to sedate her for the x-rays and at the last minute, we decided to have them x-ray her hips while she was under.  She has ALWAYS been very slow to get up, especially after laying down for a while, or in the mornings.  It seemed like she just had stiff hips.  Well, they didn’t find anything wrong with her front right leg, but they did say she has “Severe Hip Dysplasia”.  She’s only 2!!  Poor girl!  Here are some of her x-rays:

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New Project | Airstream Renovation


So…not like we NEED another project…but we recently found a great deal on a 1973 31 foot Airstream.  We have been talking for a while about getting an old Airstream and completely remodeling the entire thing!!  Kind of a slow project, work on it as we can…maybe take a year…something like that.  Well, we had talked about finding one this summer or fall so Ehren had started checking craigslist for prices, ideas of what that would get you, etc.  One day, an ad showed up for this baby and it was PRETTY CHEAP… way less than what we had planned to spend later in the year.  The guy was very responsive, sending photos, and the day before we left for Yosemite, we went up to Snohomish to check it out.  The guy had subsequently dropped the price $500 AND offered to deliver it to Maple Valley so that let us know she was at least {mostly} road worthy.  After checking it out, much debate, we decided to go for it!  He delivered it the weekend after we got back from CA.  We’ve been too busy to start on it, until this past weekend!  We started a complete demo of the inside.  I’ve taken a lot of interior pictures for our “Before” stage and we’ll document the remodel as we go!  We see this as a fun learning experience!  We may either sell it when it’s done, keep it as a mother in law, actually take it road tripping, or if we ever decide to buy land, live in it while we build a house then list it on Airbnb.  Who knows right now!

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Meat Birds 2014 | UPDATE


It’s been 3 weeks since my last update on how it’s going this year Raising Meat Birds.  As of that writing, we had ZERO losses and were still raising 51 birds.  Well, about 2 weeks ago, we found 2 dead birds, and after counting 4 times, one was totally missing.  A few days after that, we found another dead bird.  They were being killed by SOMETHING, but we didn’t know what.  Then our neighbors next door, came over to tell us they found feathers and a pile of entrails in their yard… :/  It also seemed like the birds were being killed in the night, or at least right before dawn.  So we figured an owl was to blame…or at least a bird of some kind, to bring the chicken over the fence to devour it.  Anyways, we put up some hot pink string in a zig zag over the top of the grassy area where the chickens live and we haven’t had any trouble since!!  My thinking was that if I was a big bird with a large wing span, I wouldn’t swoop down there if I’d potentially get caught, or not be able to get back out again.  I guess so far that logic is working!  So we’ve got 47 healthy, happy, HUNGRY chickens…growing like mad, getting big for my dinner plate.  Oh and the watering system is working PHENOMENALLY well!  Even with the solid week we had of NO rain and pretty hot temperatures, we haven’t had to refill the barrels ourselves.  The sight glass showed us the water level was only about 3 inches from the bottom of the glass though, so we’re thankful for the rain tonight.

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Yosemite | Lower Yosemite Falls & Tips


This is a sad post…it’s our last one in the Yosemite Series.  This trip was so beyond amazing.  And it was only 2 nights!  We really cannot wait to go back here one day and stay for a much longer period of time.  We think there are a few key things that made this trip so awesome.

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Yosemite | Night Photography


This will probably be the shortest post in the Yosemite Series.  I will be the first to tell you, I am NO PRO when it comes to night shots.  I just haven’t had much practice.  I am not a night owl and usually end up being motivated to take night pictures when there’s a full moon or something.  Anyways, I’m always in AWE of spectacular night sky pictures and I’d really like to take more pictures and get better at it.  Yosemite was a fun place to play around taking a few shots.  The moon was only a sliver (new moon is best) so I think it worked out ok.  The clearing we took photos at, with Half Dome in the background (end of this post) is where we headed after hiking Sentinel Dome & Taft Point.  We were exhausted from such a long day, but I managed to drag Ehren out w/me.  This was a miracle, you guys…over 8 miles of hiking plus pizza & beer to top it all off…he was ready to crash!  I’m so glad we went though.  I hope you like these pictures!

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